An astonishing strength  UMF 28+ ( MGO 1250+ ) yes, it is expensive, however, we believe this to be the most powerful Manuka Honey yet to be found anywhere in the UAE. Not only an amazing antibiotic potency honey but also a beautiful tasting and nourishing one too. We are very proud to be able to offer this very special Australian Manuka Honey. This extremely rare, super high rated MGO 1250+ Australian Manuka Honey has some of the highest purity you will find. As this is a product direct from nature, slight flavour or colour variations will occur. Every batch of  Manuka Honey is independently University tested and guaranteed to contain at least 1250mg Methylglyoxal per kg. Different honeys do have different potencies. Our Australian Manuka Honey is rated using the MGO system, which is an abbreviation for Methyglyoxal.


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